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"CSI is a phenomenal program. 

I've been in the "World of NLP" since 2002, both as a client and, since 2005, as a certified Master NLP practitioner. During that time, I've been in an almost constant trajectory of personal growth. That's a whole lot of looking at my "stuff." Even so, the CSI program took me to places I had not been to before. 

The components that make the CSI program unique are exactly what I needed: the masculine/feminine polarity work; the God piece; the family legacy and karmic pieces; and a strong, capable practitioner in Michele who always gave the power back to me: "Trust yourself on this one." This mighty combination provided the foundation for me to go deeper with my personal change work then had ever been possible before. 

As a result, I have a much firmer basis for trusting myself and new beliefs that life can (and does) shift in distinctly positive ways. I have a greater appreciation for just how incredibly well my psyche has been working all these years, and a new relationship to myself, grounded in a more honest and up-to-date sense of who I am and can be in the world. 

Simply put, the CSI program rocked my core in just the perfect ways. "

—K.P., Artist

 "When I started the CSI process, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who I was and where I was going.  It didn't take long to realize, however, that I had been living with a very limited vision of myself because I had become attached to certain ideas that did not reflect the truth of who I am.  I think the greatest gift of this process has been the ability to experience that truth at the deepest levels, to embrace the parts of myself that had been cut off, shut down or ignored.  Those disenfranchised parts had been at work my whole life creating a reality consistent with the belief systems they were given.  By allowing them to have a voice, I was able to recognize how powerful they are and to reintegrate them into my psyche in a way that supports the changes I want to make in my life. 

The process itself was powerful and full of surprises, yet it evolved in such a perfect and organic way that it could only have been orchestrated by God.  As things shifted, I attracted situations and challenges that were perfectly designed to trigger the next group of parts that wanted to shift.  This was not always comfortable, sometimes scary and often confusing, yet I was consistently amazed at Michele's ability to make sense of it all.  I started many sessions believing there was no possible way to bring order to the chaos I was feeling, but with her perspective I was able to see and appreciate the magic of how the process was unfolding, and to recognize that the challenges were, in fact, signs of progress.  

I have just finished my track and find myself in a new place in my life, a place full of possibility and potential.  While it is a little bit scary and unsettling to not know exactly what the new paradigm will look like, I know that I now have the tools and resources I need to build a life that is truer to who I am, a life consistent with God's plan for me.  I know that as I take new risks, there will be new challenges.  The CSI process has given me a foundation from which to face those challenges.  It has strengthened my connection to God and given me the ability to trust myself in a new way as I continue to grow, evolve, and move forward into the next phase of my life. 

There are not enough words to articulate how incredibly grateful I am to Michele for the CSI process.  I continue to experience the benefits of my work with her on a daily basis and have seen tangible results in every area of my life.  She is truly a gift for those seeking real and lasting change."

—A.R., Paralegal 

"I had hit that point in my life where I was lost and just floating in a sea of negativity. I was floating between a toxic work environment, a hostile relationship with my ex-husband and a complete loss of connection to God. I knew deep inside it was time to face those dark corners in my mind and I was scared (fear-the consistent theme of my life thus far). 

Then I met Michele Morgan. The changes in my life since have been miraculous! Michele, through her CSI program was able to shine the light necessary to rid my psyche of those dark and terrifying corners and she did so in a way that made me feel safe.  Through Michele’s brilliant coaching, honest confrontation of my belief systems and her ability to transform them, I changed internally, and then so did my external life.  For the first time in years I can speak to my ex-husband without fear and with compassion. This has profoundly improved my interactions with him and greatly enhanced my relationship with my children. 

As I write this, I am sitting at the desk of my new job! A complete career shift initiated by Michele’s expert teachings. Her CSI program has completely transformed my life. God’s light is directly expressed through Michele. She creates miracles in the lives she touches. My connection to God is renewed and now strong, at a level I could never have imagined before.  I am blessed to have discovered Michele and received such miracles in my life."

—S.O., Healthcare Inspector  

"I have worked with Michele, off and on, for over 15 years. She has integrity, she holds herself and her clients to a very high standard, and I trust her completely. My husband and I both went through the CSI program and it has changed our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways. I have more patience when dealing with my children. I don't worry about the little things in life. I have a clearer sense of what I am doing in my life, what my purpose is. I am less reactive to family drama. And I think the thing that is most surprising to me is the changes aren't going away. I still notice differences in my reaction to the stress of life even eight months later. I can also see changes in my kids. Now that my husband and I are in our true core self, my kids are in their true core. I highly recommend the CSI program. It is by far the most rewarding process I have ever gone through. "

—B.M., Massage Therapist 

"Wow—I don’t even know where to begin. I have gone through many different types of therapy in my life, some traditional, some not so traditional, but not one of them has even come close to what I have experienced with Michele. While the work I have done on myself in the past has been insightful, after working with Michele, I realize that I was only scratching the tip of the iceberg. Using her profound wisdom and intuition, Michele goes straight to the heart of matters eliciting permanent change… after only one session. You can’t help but be different—a better, truer version of yourself. As I continue on the CSI path, I am now reaching levels I did not know existed, thanks to the brilliant and inspired ways in which Michele works. My spiritual understanding has deepened into a personal connection with God and the Divine that I did not know was possible. I feel like I have finally found home, with its doors wide open welcoming me back to the magical place where it all began. My thanks and gratitude to Michele for the amazing and beautiful work she is doing goes deeper than words can express. She truly is an angel on earth."

—D.S., Legal Assistant 

"I met Michele at a very complicated and trying time in my life. She was quite simply an answered prayer, an angel who started me on a long and magical journey into discovering who I truly am and how to connect to my fellow humans and the universe. 

The CSI process re-wired and re-programmed my whole being, unlocking the chains of all kinds of addiction, giving me a clear understanding of the damaging patterns of the mind and practical knowledge of how to unravel them. It revived my relationship with God and also allowed me to find Him within myself, to honor myself through not just the light but also the darkness, and perhaps most important, to turn fear into joy in all areas of my life. 

The bulk of her work has helped me contact and acknowledge all of my parts, the characters within us all, who, out of love, may want to hold us back from fulfilling our fullest potential, our destiny. She unlocked my imagination to help me work with my parts, so instead of working against me, they work for me. I had already been familiar with NLP but Michele's work took it to a whole new level in a more practical and rewarding way.  

On a more personal note, I grew up with Michele. I bloomed from a boy to a man. I feel like now I am the purest version of me, not some image of how others or society would like me to be. I often struggle to remember life before my work with Michele—a foggy, complicated drama, completely at the mercy of life’s whims. Now I am able to stand and present myself to the world as a man—strong, present, grounded yet ready to fly at any moment. Without Michele’s kindness, wisdom and hands-on realist attitude I would have been white knuckling life’s roller coaster all the way to the pearly gates. 

Michele and her work were the ultimate gift to me, a gift that forced me to know myself, to make the absolute most out of this wacky and beautiful life. Her generosity, support and belief in me have allowed me to soar to heights I never thought were possible.  

Thank you Michele. 

—C.B., Actor 


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"I have tried every kind of counseling and therapy out there, literally—and nothing has been as powerful as CSI. With other techniques I would usually get some great clarity about my issues which helped me shift things for a while, but I would still be left having to consciously think about and work at trying to do things differently. As a result of the CSI program, I am different, and my behaviors and responses have changed automatically. It’s actually funny—usually it isn’t until after a situation or experience that I look back and realize, wow, I’m so totally different! It really does change you from the inside out."

T.A., Personal Trainer


"For me, the most amazing outcome from the CSI program has been in regard to my spiritual life. I came to this work with a list of patterns I wanted to clean up around relationships and career, and have ended up with a truly personal connection to God, beyond anything I could have previously imagined. It seemed to happen almost organically. Quite a perk, considering my unwanted patterns have also dramatically changed! "

M.C., Senior Editor


"Knowing who I am has taken on a completely different meaning through the CSI process. Not only do I understand my strengths and talents from a totally dimensional perspective, but I also have an intimate partnership with them now, instead of at best a hit-or-miss access to them. And I have uncovered the gifts in what I used to perceive as my “weaknesses,” which has given me a whole other set of usable tools and energies that before I either ignored or condemned out of self judgment. I can honestly say I am becoming the person I had always envisioned myself to be, and it’s thrilling. I can’t recommend this program more highly!"

J.W., Pediatric Nurse


"Michele Morgan is a fiery advocate who coaxes miracles from mortals; a four-dimensional spiritual mentor who believes in the singular destiny of everyone she meets. I turned to Michele to conquer Parkinson's Disease-related depression that had become crippling and intractable despite years of traditional therapy, and committed to her two-month Cognitive Spiritual Integration (CSI) program in September 2008.

Putting myself into Michele’s skilled, empathetic hands was effortless; my trust in her and the process complete. Our sessions were exhilarating and affirming.  She guided me on an incredible, internal adventure, intuitively leading me away from the edge of the precipice, safely around blind curves, and out of dead-end box canyons.  On the way I was joined by parts of myself who had been unknowingly but lovingly working against me; pieces of my past, lives lived long ago, spiritual souls eager to respond to my attention and invitation to come home to me.  We began to work together towards our shared destiny.  The source of my depression was discovered and transformed from a windowless dungeon into a windswept, wildflower-strewn prairie cairn; stubborn gatekeepers became gallant, graceful companions, champions and heroes of my own living legend. 
I also found and learned to use the tools of integration; to understand and know with certainty that I have the ability to access those tools to help me over rocky ground in uncertain territory.  Michele’s use of a powerful visual palette holding all the hues and colors of the universe illuminated and transformed my inner landscape and reinforced my connection to the divine; my behavior naturally followed, my outlook and mood improved.

Five months later and for the first time in 10 years, I did not check the box “depression,” on the list of complaints at my annual physical examination in January. My newfound confidence has been tested; I still have times of sadness and worry.  But now I am able to feel those emotions and move through them without becoming mired in and overwhelmed by them.  I have found my footing and am able to stick to my path.

If you ask Michele to partner with you on your own magical mystery tour of self-discovery, you will be surprised, delighted, educated, enlightened, empowered, eternally grateful and forever changed.  Thank you, Michele, for your divine inspiration and expert guidance!"

— C.C., Patient Activist & Writer


"The CSI program is the closest you can get to solving your problems with magic. When I started, I felt stuck in anxiety and depression. I was trapped and couldn't see anything good in my future. Michele helped me let go of patterns that held me back from seeing good things ahead. At the beginning of the program, she asked me to write down my ideal life. Suddenly, I'm watching as pieces of that list start to show up out of nowhere.

CSI doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes it felt like make believe, sometimes awkward, and sometimes painful. But in the end, I was ready for a change—and CSI helped me get there. Now I know that my dreams are coming to me, and I'm excited to see what's ahead."

— K.D., Musician


"This past year has been the most pivotal for me in terms of personal growth, and it's all due to the CSI Program with Michele. I have been on a personal and spiritual growth journey most of my adult life, and never have I come across a more gifted practitioner, or a modality such as this—one that produces immediate and enduring results and is so enjoyable in the process. CSI has opened up a whole new world for me. It has helped me attain a whole new level of self-love and has changed how I see myself in the world. Self-love and connection to God is the foundation of healing and positive change, and this program has helped me understand that. This is the best investment I have ever made.

I was eager to see Michele after my friend recommended her to me. He said she had changed his life. I thought she must be too good to be true. I discovered personally that she DOES change people's lives. She cuts right to the chase and I felt a significant shift even after the very first session. This work is fun, it is powerful and it is lasting. I only wish I had met Michele earlier—I would've saved years of therapy! Michele is a gift from God and a true healer. CSI is a must for everyone who desires to heal any aspect of their life or wants to live the life of their dreams."

E.E., International Program Manager


"When I started this work I was pretty happy overall, yet I seemed to continue to do the same things in my life over and over, expecting a different outcome, and getting very frustrated. The CSI Program helped me to become crystal clear about my true priorities according to my heart’s desire, and to embrace my true nature and desires, instead of suppressing them, and to align myself with God for a much more meaningful and powerful life.

In the process of working with Michele, I have met the love of my life, have worked through old belief and behavior patterns that prevented me from acknowledging and achieving my heart’s desire, and am looking at a major career change at 48 years of age. And all of this has happened in a 60-day time frame.

Needless to say, the CSI process is extremely powerful, beyond my expectations, and I can’t wait to wake up every morning to see where my life will lead me next! This program is truly life changing, and I would encourage anyone who really wants to change behaviors to commit to this work. I am so glad I did. "

E.M., Massage Therapist


"Before I started working with Michele, I had reached a point where I felt stuck—the limited vision that I had of myself and my life was manifesting repetitive, unhappy results. A close friend arranged for a Life Assessment for my birthday and it was the best gift I've ever received. A few weeks later, I decided to continue work with Michele through the CSI Program.

The CSI sessions were life changing. Michele was an expert at helping me pinpoint misguided beliefs I had unconsciously carried for most of my life. Through the CSI process, I saw what motivated particular habits and through that awareness, was able to start making decisions that more closely aligned with my authentic self.

Even now as I find various aspects of my life in transition, I can see this as an opportunity for exploration instead of living in dread and fear of the unknown. The CSI program with Michele was invaluable in changing my focus from deprivation to abundance."

— A.E., Graphic Artist


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"The CSI Program was a life-changing experience.  It’s hard to describe it in a way for anyone to feel all the emotion I hold when I write these words. Michele guided me through a 16-week process of intense examination of “me”…. and all the parts that come together to define my essence. She helped me look at beliefs I held about myself that held me back from making essential changes in my life. The work was hard. I had to dig deep and go to the scary places in my soul. But along the journey there were numerous moments where I gained profound positive insight as the next “piece of me” was revealed. The process changed me and helped me think differently about myself, my life…what’s possible…and the power I possess to create new realities."

— P.K., Executive Producer


"The benefits of the CSI sessions I've had with Michele are brilliant beyond belief. The information I've gained about myself, about my motivations, and about my beliefs have allowed me to shift the unconscious messages I've been carrying around all my life. I move differently in the world and treat myself and others with a clarity and integrity I didn't realize was lacking.

Michele has an amazing and powerful ability to see me and help me to see myself with an open heart and brilliant insights. Knowing that I can trust her absolutely, the CSI sessions are nothing short of miraculous.

To say I'm a better person is too trivial. Michele is helping me let go of the veils that fog my ability to be really present in my life. Michele's amazing skill as a CSI practitioner has allowed me to open to God's love at my own pace with as little or as much grace as I can muster at any time."

— C.O., Artist


"It has taken me some time to sit and write this, in part because I didn't have the words available to adequately express how much the CSI Program has changed my life. As someone who appears to always be on top of things and at the peak of performance I can tell you that by getting to the core of my issues in such an immediate way was simply mind blowing. Having the courage to really look at my own issues and how I am holding myself back was not simple or easy but the results have been profound. Taking on things I never thought I could, simply because I know my parts are all in alignment now, is so empowering.

There were days during the process that I absolutely thought about calling Michele and saying, enough! I don't want to go any deeper! Then out of nowhere I would see or hear the perfect thing that would keep me coming back, keep me facing myself and finding who I really am and how I stand in the world.
I could go on and on about the changes I feel from this work. Suffice it to say that I believe anyone who truly wants to change and who is willing to look, really look at their own life will be transformed by CSI in ways they can't imagine."

— D.E., Real Estate Agent



"Over the last 10 years I have worked with several practitioners seeking The Answer (not even knowing the question). I was searching for something outside of myself so that my inside felt better.

It wasn't until I met and started to work with Michele, that I truly felt understood. Michele has provided me a safe and sacred place to confront my deepest fears and explore my most intimate dreams! Michele has helped me to discover the magic and divine that lives within me. That has been the answer to the question that I didn't even know to ask it's all inside of me!

The journey I've been on since working with Michele has been magical. I am now living from a place where I know that everything that I believe is possible is possible. Michele has held that place for me until I could see and know it for myself. She met me at the place I was, AND knew the truth of who I am. She walked that journey with me, knowing how real the fears feel, but seeing the light on the other side.

Michele has been an answer to my prayer, that I know the Truth of who I am. She is an extraordinary Healer!"

R.E., Account Manager


"I find it difficult to explain how CSI works, but my sessions with Michele have resulted in improved eating habits, gaining a much higher level of self esteem and self confidence and overcoming fears and inner beliefs that have blocked me from getting what I want out of life. As of now I have dealt with several parts of me that were getting in my way, creating emotions, thoughts, actions (reactions), and even physical symptoms that would stop or sabotage me when I was going for a goal. Michele has helped me to work with those parts so they are achieving their positive intent for me in a way that fosters my overall well-being. It is a truly phenomenal experience to have issues that have been a thorn in my side for years turn around within a few sessions of CSI, so that instead of working against me, they are now working for me. I highly recommend CSI as a tool to employ for self-improvement, goal attainment and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the people in your life."

M.L., Payroll Specialist


"Change work is never an easy thing and deep foundational change work that produces long-term results is downright daunting. To do this work on one's own is tremendously difficult since it requires you to be your own support group and facilitator, while at the same time facing deep-rooted fears and long held beliefs. And that is where Michele Morgan comes in. Michele's approach to change work emanates from a lifetime of experience at a personal level and nearly 20 years at a professional level. She knows exactly what it's like to face your fiercest protective parts who are stopping you from the growth that you know is yours to experience. She knows that all of this takes time and commitment. When Michele takes you on as a client, she commits herself to your growth and invests in your personal journey. She helps you discover your individual path and unique place in the world. She connects you to your individual soul.

The CSI process that Michele employs works. It works without question, if you are truly open and willing to shed outdated beliefs and replace them with a belief system and values that are in alignment with what you envision for your future. I have never worked with another counselor who can create that environment where you feel that you have the staunchest ally on your side who will be unflinchingly honest, intensely empathetic, and will stand by your side through the darkest moments, holding the space so that you can discover your own way to greatness."

C.S., PhD, Program Manager


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"What can I say? There really is a genie in the bottle. And I’m the bottle! And so is each of us. Michele is our gentle, loving, wise, bold and sometimes playful guide into the genie within who knows us better than we know ourselves, and who can lead us to our true selves and our life’s purpose. There we discover the source of our real happiness and fulfillment, which is our own and cannot be taken away. There we find our new future, our new life. Thank you, Michele, for this journey and for your wise and intuitive guidance on its path."

M.C., Consultant in Occupational Safety and Health


"Working with Michele is a joy and a delight. It is also hard work, and not for the weak or easily offended. The benefits are subtle but tangible; when she says that you are doing work at the cellular level, she's not kidding.

The real test of the work, however, is not when things are going fine, or when things are normal—the real test of the work is when things fall completely to pieces, and you are standing there in the center of the wreck, still poised and in control.

This is what happened to me. I started working with Michele when things were bad, manifested my way out (which alone was powerful, but I was too mired in muck to actually give myself credit for it), and then settled into the aftermath of the work.

And then it all fell to pieces, again, once we moved into the new year. Just when I had psyched myself up for 2009 to be my year (as a prelude to 2010, which is really supposed to be THE year), my cat got cancer, and I got fired from a project at my day job (along with some messy backstabbing and political maneuvering). In parallel, amazing things were happening with my real career.

I didn't lose it. I didn't fall into the past patterns of, “Oh my god I am horrible and not worthy, the bad stuff is my true destiny.” Yeah, it hurt. Yeah, I cried. Yeah, I miss my cat something awful.

But the inner flame is burning bright and strong, and I still believe in 2009 and 2010. And I can look at the good stuff and claim it and own it.

And that is a description of what it was like for me to work with Michele. For you it will be different, but undoubtedly just as powerful."

— C.R., Writer


"Before I began working with Michele, I felt like I was trapped in a life I didn’t like. Michele helped me to explore and change those feelings from the inside out. Now I am living my life in choice and I feel deeply that my life has purpose. God bless you, Michele—you are an Angel!"

— T.M., Business Manager


"Have you ever had the feeling that you are special, but then you push it away because you’re not supposed to think like that, that only the well educated and famous are allowed to be that? Do you feel that there is something in life that you need to do, but you don't know how to go about it, or you want to be happy but things are just not going the way you thought they would?

Great questions, all of them. I had those questions, and fortunately I also had Michele's phone number that was given to me by a friend ten months earlier. My friend had told me about the CSI Program, so in the depths of my questioning I remembered the program and Michele, and I phoned her.

From the first conversation to schedule the track, my life began to change. Something in me knew that it was the right direction to go, that Michele was capable of helping me find that part of me that was desperate to appear in the world in a permanent way and damn, did she ever!

Michele's way of allowing you to heal and empower yourself is unique and powerful. This program is not for the faint of heart. To get the most out of it you must be willing to do the hard work, and there is no going back. You have no reference for what you will become, and only by doing the work Michele guides you through will you begin to see your life like you have never seen it before. Your ability to take charge of your life and direct it to what you want becomes more and more powerful as you participate. By the end of the program you realize you can affect your outcomes in the ways that you want, that your life is yours and not for others to control how you feel or react. Who in their right mind would not want this?

If at this point you are looking at the cost as I did, what is the price of saving the only life you have and in the process affecting the lives of those around you? The cost of the CSI Program is peanuts, cheap, for what it has helped me do with my life. Now, I would be willing to pay twice that! "

— B.W., Entrepreneur



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