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Passion Statement

My passion is helping people be extraordinary. I believe that we all have within us the blueprint of a divine destiny, created exclusively for each one of us long ago, by a loving and exalted hand. Not some fated, set-in-stone judgment that we are powerless to, but rather, the tale of a boundless truth that entreats us to live an uncommon and inspiring life.

Until now, only a few have chosen to fully live their divine stories. Those who have, have changed history, both globally and provincially—for all of us, for all time, for the better. It’s time now for the exception to become the rule, for the commonplace to become legendary… and owning your unique, God-gifted destiny is closer than you think. The world, more than ever before, is crying out for that kind of ownership, that kind of stewardship, and that kind of leadership.

My destiny? To help you claim and fully live yours.



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